Hello, I'm Ludmal De Silva

I've been enjoying programming for over 20 years, mostly with .NET and C#, and I have a real knack for RESTful API design and Microservices architecture. Plus, I've contributed to the community by writing several open source projects and libraries in C# and Python. I also have a passion for UX therefore spent sometime with React and NextJs. It's been a fantastic journey, and I'm always excited to share and learn more! ✨


.Net Core 3.1,5,6,7,8, .Net Framework, Web Apis, RESTful, Microservices, Clearn Architecture, Azure, Message Brokers, RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, Docker, Kubernates, AKS, Synapse, Azure Open AI, Azure AI Studio


C#, Python, ReactJs, NextJs, TypeScript, Javascript
Ludmal De Silva
Crafting Minimal Api with a functional approach

I am delighted to announce the release of my book, which explores the topic of Minimal APIs with a functional approach and is now available for download. This book offers an in-depth exploration of the world of Minimal APIs while incorporating a functional approach. It also provides valuable insights into patterns for creating scalable APIs. I hope that you will not only enjoy reading it but also find it to be a valuable resource for learning and professional growth.

Open Source Projects

Retry/Circuit breaker policy

The library is a minimal API designed to showcase the implementation of retry and circuit breaker policies. It also includes the request/response pattern, highlighting key aspects of resilient and effective API design.


Machine Learning: Python Utils

Python util with machine learning algos, i.e. tf-idf and html parsers.


MassTransit implementation

Implementation of pub/sub using MassTransit and Azure service bus


Machine Learning: KNN

Python module to calculate KNN in Machine Learning with training data

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